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Half whole wheat bread with hemp flour

Half whole wheat bread with hemp flour

An alternative recipe with reasonable protein value made with Natural Yeast

A month after the first article on Natural Yeast, we finally talk again about bread making with the recipe of our home bread.

I bake weekly, making a large 1 kg loaf that lasts about 5 or 6 days wrapped in a clean cloth; I like to change the recipe, but my favorite in terms of flavor, preservability and fragrance is that of half whole wheat bread with hemp flour, which I make in my trusted bread machine.

The bread machine is a small appliance that kneads and bakes a single large loaf, following a pre-established program in which dough, leavening, rest and cooking alternate. I use it because it is convenient and fast and allows me to optimize the time of self-production without renouncing the homemade bread; if necessary and depending on the model, it can be used as a kneader or a leavening chamber to prepare doughs that will then be baked in the oven. Since I have the bread machine I have no more excuses for not making bread: first I had no time, I did not want to, it was too late, it was too hot for the oven and so on …

Following a vegetarian diet I am often looking for methods to increase the daily protein intake, while trying to further reduce animal derivatives, and that is how I discovered hemp flour. Hemp flour is obtained by grinding what remains of the seeds of Cannabis sativa L. following the pressing for oil extraction. It jumps to the eye, among the protein flours, because it has 30% protein and a good 21% less calories than the best known wheat flour. It is a gluten-free flour with a good quantity of fibers and minerals; the ratio between omega 6 and omega 3 is excellent, between 2: 1 and 3: 1.

This rustic-looking bread has a dark and variegated color; the crust is crisp and the taste is soft with acidulous notes and hazelnut aftertaste. Superb simply enjoyed with lukewarm butter! I recommend making it with organic flours, even better if purchased directly from your trusted mill. For all information on sourdough, tricks and many interesting savory and sweet recipes, I recommend you visit the website of Andrea Bianchi, without which this recipe would not exist.

Half whole wheat bread with hemp flour

  • 350 g Flour 0
  • 100 g Whole wheat flour
  • 100 g Re-milled durum wheat
  • 50 g Hemp flour
  • 350 g Water
  • 150 g Freshened Natural Yeast
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil optional (max 15 gr)
  • Malt optional

Place all the ingredients in the bread machine, following the order indicated in the instructions of your model: some machines require the introduction of liquids before the flour or vice versa. Usually it is used to dissolve the yeast in a part of water and then mix it with the dough, but after various tests I found that the result is the same whether it is melted before or used directly. Malt means the malt powder suitable for bread making, which is useful to help leavening; if you do not have it, you can omit it.

With the use of the bread machine the work is already finished: just choose the most suitable program and wait to smell the freshly baked bread. Unfortunately not all machines have a program suitable for long leavening, that’s why I have carefully chosen my Panasonic, which has several useful functions for natural leavening, including a 5-hour program that can be used for bread with Natural Yeast. It is obvious to say that handmade bread and baked in the oven is certainly of superior quality, but if you want to find a good compromise between self-production and full-time work, this solution is particularly inviting. I put the ingredients in the basket in the morning before going to work and by lunch break I find myself with an inviting 1 kg loaf ready to be placed on the grill to cool; at dinner time, bread is ready to be consumed.

Obviously the bread must be made with freshened Natural Yeast: the yeast dough should then be kneaded with the same weight of flour and half weight of water, it must be doubled and only then can it be used for baking. During this process do not forget to keep aside a little of your yeast for the following times: this portion will be put in the fridge and refreshed at least once a week, regardless of the dough you will make.

If you want inclusions, such as seeds, olives or sprouts, they should be placed in about halftime kneading; in the machine I own there is a specific tray to insert the additional ingredients that will be introduced into the dough at a preset time, or there is the option to make a beep to introduce them manually (these options are only available for some programs).

If you want to use this recipe with the traditional method, you must make a homogeneous mixture, let it rest for about half an hour covered with a bowl, fold and then let it rise covered with a cloth until doubled. At this point you can form your loaves, wait for a second leavening and cook for 35/45 minutes at 180 degrees in an already hot static oven: be careful to adjust with times and temperatures, since each oven has different dimensions, capacity and temperature. I advise you to make some cuts on the surface in order to allow the loaves to expand during cooking: my bread leaven and cook without external interventions then tends to explode, being bound to the time of the bread machine, but a perfectly risen and cooked loaf it should remain compact and without cracks in the crust.

I already smell the perfume, have you baked?

Written by non-native speaker: please excuse any mistake.

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